A Blizzard in Ravenloft

How it began...

The Beachhead

Leona’s boat landed on the beach, avoiding the the ballista bolts that were flying into the sea. Her squad charged out of the boat, eyes firmly fixed on the zombies on the beach, determined to secure this area, to launch further attacks deeper into Northrend. Today would be the day the Lich King would learn fear.

“For the Horde!!” Leona bellowed with her compatriots, the call echoed by their unlikely allies from among the Alliance. Their blood was hot with rage and battle. It quickly cooled when they realised what they were up against.

For each zombie that fell, two more rose up from the ground. There was a necromancer in the area, obviously. The necromancer’s location quickly identified as at the other end of the canyon that opened up onto the beach. Knowing they were walking into a meat grinder, Leona and her forces gritted their teeth and tried to push through anyway.

The battle began to turn against the joint forces. Leona’s compatriots fell quickly, from zombies and from ballista bolts. Her meager healing spells were no match for a large ballista bolt through the chest. She was alone on the beach, but ready to fight to the death.

A black clad women came onto the beach from the east, slaying any zombies that got in her way. She was a fierce warrior, and immediately Leona felt hope. Even after the retreat had been called, Both Leona and her new partner fought their way through the zombie menace to face the necromancer responsible.

The necromancer brandished a bloody coloured orb and a black coloured hammer. Leona pulled her longbow and shot through the orb, getting covered in the strange liquid from inside. In shock the necromancer dropped the hammer, which the other female warrior picked up. Her arm shot out and smashed the wizard repeatedly until he was a bloody pulp on the floor. The other women dropped the hammer, her eyes glazed, seeming in shock herself.

Leona finally had a moment to talk to her new friend while she tended both their wounds. The other women introduced herself as Lynnara, an assassin from the Order of Mage Slayers. Leona hadn’t heard of them, and asked whether the Order worked with the Horde or the Alliance. It was Lynnara’s turn to be confused, never having heard of either faction, or of the three great wars that Leona went on to describe. It became clear that there was more going on here than what it seemed.

Lynnara had appeared on the beach tracking the necromancer, who had been named Drakoran and had murdered Lynnara’s sister. The Darksteel Hammer and the Blood Moon had been artifacts Drakoran had stolen from the order and Lynnara had been sent to retrieve. Lynnara told all this to Leona, who sat in stunned silence.

As their conversation went on, a storm began building. It occured to the two of them on the ice cold beach that staying there was not an option. They shared what cold weather gear they could scrap together and left the beach, back towards the lands Lynnara had journeyed from.

Night fell, and the mists closed around them.



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