This land is ruled by Mayor Garson, and it is a quiet little getaway spot for many of the more affluent in Ravenloft. Garson sends tribute across the border to Barovia, and seems to operate more as a vassal than anything else.

Located in the Arkham Valley is the city of Devon Hills. In this city is the famous Van Richten’s Hopsital for the Insane, an institute where Van Richten studies many patients that suffer from what he calls “Fantasy Construction Syndrome,” a condition where a person constructs a false reality around a hypothetical “other world.” He points to the fact that many of his patients claim to be from different worlds. His theory is that anybody that claims to share a home is a form of mass hysteria.

Beneath the hospital is purportedly a bestiary containing many strange and bizarre creatures that Van Richten also studies, supposedly the source of information for his many guides that have been circulated throughout the Core. Other reports, of strange and cruel experiments, are unsubstantiated.

Status: Unexplored


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