North of both Northrend and Darkon is the undeniably frozen land of Nordell. The leader, Governor Isson, is locked in a struggle with both Darkon and Northrend for dominance of the area. The only person that is keeping this land from being completely over-run is the wizard known as the Winterborn, who resides in the large city of Vashran. While the Winterborn does not have the mastery of necromancy like the leaders of Darkon and Northrend do, his power among the ice and snow is unmatched by anyone in Ravenloft. However, he has refused the Governor’s requests to take the battle to the enemy, and sits in his tower studying, prepared to defend the border if necessary.

The city of Vashran is a coastal city with a decent navy. The city is ruled by Governor Isson himself, advised by a council made up of representatives of the city’s guilds. The city guard is made up of either men too young to join the army or too old. Officers are the exception, as a few make the career choice. The city guard is also the city’s militia in times of crisis, and all guard members get a decent military education, which makes it a prime recruiting ground for the Nordell military. Man for man, the Nordell army is one of the best trained in all of Ravenloft, though it is one of the smallest. With most of the entrances to get into Nordell being narrow mountain passes, the military does not need to be all that large. In fact, the moderately sized navy is larger than the ground forces.

With Northrend’s air capability on their large frost drakes, Nordell has begun recruiting archers and engineers for siege weaponry. Many warriors stumbling lost and confused off of Northrend’s beaches have signed on, almost doubling Nordell’s previous military capacity. Many of these new warriors claim to have experience fighting the forces of Northrend, though their explanations are vague and confusing.

Recently, rumours have begun to spread that the Winterborn has taken on an apprentice. If this is true, both the master of Northrend and Darkon would be very interested in getting closer to this apprentice.

Status: Unexplored


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